Prison Shirt worn by Adam Sandler in the Longest Yard


Blue Blood Spattered Top worn by Beverly Mitchell in the movie Saw II

Prison Jumpsuit worn by Owen Wilson in the movie Drillbit Taylor

George Ciccarone on The Midnight Hour

From left: Reporting from the KSC Media Center, Top of the VAB, Pad 39A, Press Site, and Space Shuttle Simulator.

Here's a short clip from the 23rd Anniversary Show


The award winning series Spaceflight Review wrapped production at the Kennedy Space Center with the final Space Shuttle flight on July 8, 2011.  The program began with the flight of STS-51 in 1993 and features launches, landings, astronaut interviews, facility tours, special interest topics, and behind the scenes specials.  The program took a hiatus after 9-11 2001 because of new KSC Media restrictions which continued through 2003 due to the Columbia Accident.  Thanks to all the great people at the Kennedy Space Center for all of their help over the last 18 years.  Special thanks to the hard working folks at Waycross Television.  The show was produced by Bob McMillan with assistance from technician, Rick Reardon. 

Thanks for visiting my web site.  I logged my first flying hours in 1987 and worked my way up to a commercial pilots license and instructor certification.  I have flown over 15 types of aircraft and also have many hours in aerobatic flight.  I have also produced several award winning Television Programs and short films. I have also been a profession photographer for many years and taught at Xavier University.   Please feel free to browse through the pages to learn more about me and the things I do.

Left: From Austin Powers, Michael Myers, Heather Graham     Center: From Desperate Housewives, Teri Hatcher, Nicollette Sheridan     Right: From The Naked Gun, the late Leslie Nielsen

Left:  From Baywatch, Yasmine Bleeth, Pamela Anderson, Alexandra Paul     Right:  From Pamela Anderson

Left:  Shooting "Chef Rober"    Right:  Floor Director Chris Knight talking about the show with Director Glenn Hartong

For more videos from The Midnight Hour and other productions go to YouTube and search under "WRMC3"

Shirt worn by Frankie Muniz in the movie Big Fat Liar

The Making of Cresentville

Left: From Scrubs, Zach Braff, Micheal J Fox, John McGinley   Center: From Scrubs, Donald Faison, Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke   Right: From American Pie 2, Seann William Scott, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Klein, Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan.

Bill Cunningham on The Midnight Hour


The Midnight Hour


Distressed MTA jacket and vest worn by John Carroll Lynch in the movie Volcano

​Left: Drew Barrymore      Middle: Kate Bosworth      Right: Catherine Bell

Cresentville 2 Movie Trailer

Here are some of the autographs I obtained during the years I worked in the television and film industry in Los Angeles

The Midnight Hour Show Opening "Bob's World"

Pat Barry on The Midnight Hour

Sweater worn by Usher and gloves worn by Emmanuelle Chriqui in the movie In The Mix

Left:  From The Office, Steve Carrell     Center: From Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp    Right: From Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, the late Fred Rogers



Planet Hollywood

The Midnight Hour with The Cincinnati Zoo

The Midnight Hour (1962)

In 1989 I was given the opportunity to train with NASA to prepare to carry on Christa McAuliffe's dream to educate people about the space program. Since then I have produced several television programs about spaceflight and given many talks to thousands of students and adults about the past, present, and future of the United States Space Program.  For more information, click on the Space tab above.

From Left: Working in Las Vegas on the set of Rush Hour 2 outside the Red Dragon Casino   Next: Posing with Yasmeen Bleeth and Alexandra Paul in Santa Monica Beach on the set of Baywatch   Next: On the set of the Gilmore Girls at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank  Right: On the set of Channel 1 News with Tracy Smith at the Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles

I have been collecting movie and celebrity wardrobe for over 20 years.  Here is a sample of my collection

Thane Maynard on The Midnight Hour

 ​​Cresentville involved about 2 months of rehearsal, about 5 months of shooting in 4 locations and about 3 months of editing.  One location was an old, abandoned school which really added to the spookiness of the shoot. The movie aired on Warner Cable for about a month.  The girls got the red carpet treatment again traveling by limousine to the riverboat where they enjoyed a deluxe dinner and the 2002 Blue Chip Cable Awards show live.  The film won the award for Best Film in the entertainment category.  The film then went on to win a Regional Philo Award for production excellence.  Lisa and Annie were both featured in the local newspaper for writing the story and for the awards.


DNA Jumpsuit worn by Leelee Sobieski in Never Been Kissed

Ray Combs doing a Midnight Hour Promo

Left: From I Know What You Did Last Summer- Ryan Phillippe, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar      Middle: Scarlett Johansson      Right: The Osbournes- Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack 

Band Camp shirt worn by Alyson Hannigan in American Pie 2                             Top worn by Katie Holmes in Dawson's Creek


Cresentville 2 Outtakes

Shorts worn by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games                     Top owned and worn by Paris Hilton

Television and Film Production

Left: From Monk- Tony Shalhoub and Bitty Schram      Middle: Cameron Diaz      Right: Gwen Stefani and Eve

Chris Knight segment on The Midnight Hour



The Midnight Hour


Left: From Hellcats, Aly Machalka     Center: From Saw II, Tobin Bell, Franky G, Beverly Mitchell, Leigh Whannell, Darren Bousman     Right: From Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus

Cresentville and Cresentville 2 won both the top Blue Chip Cable Award in the short film category and the top Regional Philo Award for excellence in film production. The films feature actors Lisa McMillan, Annie Straub, Carrie Gohs, Amanda Stein, Maggie Straub Stephanie Gaffney and Brittany Dynes.  Cresentville is a story is about two groups of girls who don't get along very well.  One group tricks the other group into going inside a haunted, abandoned school called the Cresentville school.  However, both groups get trapped inside and have to work together to get out of a scary situation.  The story was written by Lisa and Annie.  Cresentville 2 is a sequel that brings back the ghost from Cresentville.

Lisa and I were in a bookstore in 1999 when she found some scripts to a play.  I told her that she could get some friends together and I'd make a movie.  Months went by before she found enough people to participate.  After a couple months of reheasal (and several cast changes)The Peabody Hotel was shot over 2 days.  After several months of editing, the film played on Warner Cable.  The film was nominated for a Blue Chip Cable Award so the girls were invited to the Live show and dinner on a B & B Riverboat on the Ohio River.   The girls went down in a limousine and enjoyed an excellent dinner.  The girls were surprised and thrilled when The Peabody Hotel won the award for Best Film in the entertainment category. The film went on to win a Regional Philo Award for production excellence.  They were so excited to win that they wanted to make another movie....and so Cresentville was born.

After receiving my Master's Degree in Television and Film Production and Direction from Xavier University I began doing production work at Waycross Television.  Over the years I have produced many award winning television programs and films.  Below are samples of some of the programming I have produced and directed.

Cresentville 2

This program took 2 years to shoot and edit. (1994/95)  I traveled all over the United States to video tape and document UFO sightings.  This program has all the looks of a serious documentary.  Only it's not.  This is actually a UFO program parody, a satyrical look at the crazy world of UFO sightings.  The title should give it away.  I once entered the program in a video competition under the category Entertainment-Comedy.  It was returned to me claiming I entered the wrong category.....should have been Documentary.  So they must have believed all of the stuff I was saying.  Really??  I actually made everything up! 

4th Anniversary Show Congratulations Video

See the Video Here

Making the Music Video: Where the Rain Ends



Left: From Friends, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matt LaBlanc    Center: From Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt     Right: OJ Simpson's Friend, Kato Kaelin

The Midnight Hour Show Opening "Earthquake"

Cresentville and Cresentville 2

From left: Lorraine Hornbach (Camera), Stacy Doose (Audio Engineer), Bill Brinkmoeller (Handheld Camera), Glenn Hartong (Director), Bob McMillan ( Producer and Host), Pat Berry (Co-Host), Chris Knight (Floor Director), Jim Fangmeyer (Camera) 
Not Pictured: Tony Suarez (Technical Director) and the late Floyd Ramsey (VTR Operator)



The Cast and Crew from The Midnight Hour

"Letters" segment on The Midnight Hour

Writen and performed by Jen Neyer, Produced by Stacy Doose, Director of photography, Glenn Hartong, Executive Producer, Chuck Proudfit

Left to Right: From Chuck, Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Lancaster

Barbasol Shaving Cream / Embryo Storage Can from the movie Jurassic Park


Top and Pants worn by Amanda Bynes in Big Fat Liar                          Pink Baby Doll Top worn by Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives

UFO's.....Fiction or Fake


Blue top worn by Emmanuelle Chriqui in the movie Wrong Turn

The Midnight Hour in the Red's Opening Day Parade

​​Robert McMillan

The Early Days

From Left:  On the set of Friends    Center: On the set of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno   Right: On the set of Scrubs 

Tom Towles (green shirt) and Anthony De Longis having fun during the filming of Rapscallions

Sometimes things don't go quite as planned. Check out these Blooper videos from Spaceflight Review

The Peabody Hotel

WCTV Action Auction with Dave Lee and Mike McConnell

The Making of Pacific Blue

Show opening for the 2nd Anniversary show

Left: From Back to the Future III, Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen, Steven Spielberg     Center: From War of the Worlds, Dakota Fanning, Tom Cruise     Right: From High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens

Kings Island Security 1978-1982

Black top owned and worn by Angelina Jolie                                                                Walkie-Talkie used in the movie Ghostbusters

For more information about my photography and many more photos, click the photography tab above.

Cresentville 2 was being written while shooting Cresentville.  The sequel is about the Cresentville ghost getting inside Becca's house and causing problems.  The film took almost 8 months to shoot in 4 locations and used a variety of special effect.  Needless to say, keeping up with wardrobe, hairlength, and schedules was interesting.  After nearly 4 months of editing, Cresentville 2 played on Warner Cable for a month.  The girls were invited to the live 2003 Blue Chip Cable Awards program on the B & B Riverboat.  The film won the awards for Best Film in the entertainment category, the 3rd year in a row that the girls won the award.


Left: From Sex and the City, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon     Center: From Little Fockers, Ben Stiller     Right: From Men in Black, Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones

Champagne Bottle and glass from the movie Poseidon


Top owned and worn by Britney Spears                                                               Top owned, worn and signed by Christina Aguilera

Mary Krutko on The Midnight Hour

Deb Arnold on The Midnight Hour


-FAA Certified Commercial Pilot

-FAA Certified Advanced Instructor

-NASA Accredited Media/Educator

-Ohio Licensed Educator

-Professional Photographer/Videographer

-Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences

-Master's Degree in Television and Film    Production and Direction

The Midnight Hour's version of "COPS"

Director Chair for Steven Spielberg                                                      White Top worn by Pamela Anderson in VIP

Clip from The Making of Pacific Blue

More photos of guests from previous episodes of The Midnight Hour

23rd Anniversary Show


The award winning talkshow The Midnight Hour returned to prime time in 2010 with the 23rd Anniversary Show.  Actually, it was the 23rd show.  Show #22 was produced in the spring of 1992.  So after 18 years, the entire cast and crew were reunited at the Waycross Television Studios to continue the popular program.  The program featured Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo, Valerie Abati, meteorologist for WLWT Channel 5, and Katie Clavey, host of Cincinnati Metromix.  


Shirt worn by Seann William Scott as Stiffler in American Pie 2                           Top worn by Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower



Grey Sweater and Black Top worn by Amanda Bynes in Easy A

Denim Skirt worn by Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana                                                                   Top worn by Ashley Olsen on So Little Time


Items from the set of IRONMAN



The Midnight Hour was an hour talkshow taped in front of a live studio audience at the Waycross Television Studios from 1987 until 1992.  The show featured many guests, musical groups, magicians, sketch comedy, and special interest videos all recorded "live" to tape.  The program received several awards and was one of the most viewed programs on public access.  Below are clips from some of the 22 shows that were taped over the 5 years of production.


I had the opportunity to work on the set of Pacific Blue where I was able to shoot a video called The Making of Pacific Blue.  The program starred Jim Davidson, Paula Trickey, Darlene Vogel, Marcos Ferraez, and Rick Rossovich.  The episode pictured above was called "Rapscallions" and also starred Tom Towles as the bad guy and Anthony De Longis as the Ex Navy Seal.  Most filming was in Venice Beach and was directed by Gary Winter. 

Left: On the set of Pacific Blue with Darlene Vogel who plays Officer Chris Kelly.  Right: Signed Cast Photo


Top worn by Amanda Bynes in the movie Big Fat Liar                                                  Swimsuit worn by Yasmine Bleeth in Baywatch